This site's blog is transitioning to Tumblr, where you will find my newest work, as well as some of my old favorites:

Eye'll see you there!

Head of the Dead:
Requiem for
a Blog

This is my latest drawing, and possibly the last I will be posting on this blog.

In the future, will be considerably different. I am currently working on various projects that will be more successfully presented in other formats.

Until then, you can still follow me on Facebook and Twitter. This blog will also remain as an archive for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for your support! See you again soon!


I have been thinking more about how my work relates to the traditional grotesque, with all of its symmetrical hybrids of fauna and flora arranged into bizarre ornamental designs. That studious meditation has resulted in this ink drawing, which is sure to be the first in a new series.

And what better day to unleash this new evolution in my work than on Walpurgisnacht?

This may also be a good time to plan a complete overhaul of this site.

Keep an eye out for much renewal and growth! Spring is in full-swing!

An Easter Bunny

Today, in the name of Ostara, we celebrate the miracle of egg-laying bunny rabbits.

Diabolos Trismagistos

Early this morning, not long after midnight, I got some very good news. So good, in fact, that it inspired me to draw this three-headed, widely-grinning Devil.

I've also been drawing a lot of single-panel gag cartoons. More on that later.

Smile, you happy Devils!

Halloween 2011:



Less than a month later, I'm back!

Here's something I sketched in a library and ultimately finished at my home studio.

I've come full-circle, and I'm prepared to unleash more grotesquerie than ever!

Silence of the Blog

For various reasons, I have decided to put this blog on hold indefinitely.

Don't worry; I'm just taking as much time as I need to evolve as a Creator.

For all I know, this may lead to a bigger, better Web site for Grotesquerie. But not even I know that yet. That's the mysterious beauty of a creative life.

Please enjoy the blog archives, check out the links, and continue to celebrate the beauty of the grotesque!

A Return to
Pencil and Color

This interpretation of Sekhmet, a fierce goddess from ancient Ægypt, marks my return to color drawing.

This return has been a long process, during which I have thought more than I have actually attempted. I was concerned because, after years of working primarily in ink, I found that my ideas demanded a focus on graphite. And one thought kept coming to mind: would it work in color? Would this medium, which I had used exclusively for monochromatic imagery, take to my treatment of color as well as ink?

In this, my first earnest experiment with that very approach, I feel enormously successful. It is the beginning of a new evolution in my work.

Hail Sekhmet!